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It is our aim to encourage and develop a love of music.

We do this because we believe in the power of music, the comfort and consolation it can bring people, the reward it can foster, the character development and confidence-building, the support it generates and the means of communication it can enhance.

For the beginner student, we choose music that is liked and enjoyed. Encouragement is always present with constant praise, using stickers and writing positive comments on books. Parents and/or grandparents and other special people may be invited to come to a lesson for a little concert. Parents are encouraged to give small rewards for practice at home. Kids love praise and we, as teachers, recommend that effort must constantly be rewarded, by word-of-mouth and other times by “special treats.”

Theory is an essential part of students’ learning. At the early stages of learning we include music theory lessons. When students progress, written theory work is encouraged.


Both Monica & Marea are Kindergarten to Year 12 trained teachers. We acknowledge that Music is one of the most important contributors to the student’s total educational development. We offer individual music lessons (one on one lessons) allowing each student to have our undivided attention. This in turn allows the teacher  to be totally focused on all areas of the student's learning process including the technical. theoretical, emotional and  performance sections of music learning. Whether learning for auditions, exams or just for pleasure, Monica and Marea dedicate each lesson to the improvement of the individual student. 

We are excited to offer discounted lessons for $10.00 per lesson during Terms 4 2015 and Term 1 2016. At Monica and Mareas Music Studio we offer lessons for piano, keyboard, flute, singing, recorder, guitar steel and nylon string.

To book in your child please contact us on 0429 705 021 or 02 4968 9968 or email info@kristinamurraymusic.com. Parents are free to contact us and pop in and be serenaded at your child’s lessons. Adults are also welcome to take lessons.


  • Where possible, we love a parent or parents to come to the lesson. Whilst we are teaching, you have every right to enter/leave your child’s lesson.
  • When parents and teachers work together, great results can be achieved.
  • It is important that parents take an active role during practice time at home.
  • We work out a program for practice in consultation with the parents.
  • We are delighted when parents offer suggestions and ask questions regarding their child’s progress.
  • We are available for parents to contact us up until 9pm.
  • It is important that parents feel comfortable approaching their child’s teacher.
  • We encourage the student to ask questions or to inform the teacher if they don’t understand.
  • We always assure the student that if they are having a difficulty in grasping how to play a piece, not that it is a problem –it is our role to explain concepts and techniques as the student develops. 
  • It is important that parents find time to be “serenaded.” All students love to be reassured by their parents.

We offer our students as many comforts as possible. These include a friendly atmosphere, well-maintained instruments, air conditioning – warmth and cooling, plenty of parking (we live on a corner) friendly neighbours, easy-to-find and friendly, easygoing parents and children.


Beginners need to commence learning an instrument using beginners’ tutoring books. These books are written by educated music teachers, explaining as the student develops.

Special attention is given to the size of the print, notes and words. This is vital in assisting the young child with their individual eye maturity. Another added feature is the presentation of music, using graphics, colour and written words, which enhances and attracts the attention of the child.


The main reason we set up our studio in 1976 was to give anyone and everyone a chance to learn music regardless of income. For this reason, we have tried to keep our costs as low as possible, thus giving people a chance to learn music. Over the years our greatest satisfaction has been that many of our brilliant students have been successful in a musical career.

Even today, we try to keep our costs as low as possible. Discount offers are available when fees are paid by the required timeline.